Friday, March 29, 2013


I hate to admit it, but my very first linky party was a failure!!! Not one single link up!!! Can you believe that?? Hey, I thought it was a great idea.....and if anything it has helped me stay on track during my spring break! For those of you yet to go on your spring break, the linky is still open 'til the end of April. 

One of the things on my to do list was to upload and create a few more items for my new TN store...........mission accomplished!! I now have 20 items listed and have already sold 7 items since my grand opening 1 1/2 weeks ago!! I can't believe it! It just makes you want to keep creating!!! Here's a little preview of my two newest items!

I have a couple of students learning size attributes, so these will be perfect! This set includes 45 cards (one page of cards not shown) and 10 different sorting mats. This item can be purchased {here}

This a preview of another new item for sale at my store, but since this is Freebie Friday, you get it for FREE {here}. 

I'm also going to give this away for Free on Monday at "Manic Monday with Classroom Freebies." 

Classroom freebies
If you're looking for Easter Freebies, be sure to visit "Elementary Matters." She's having an Easter Freebie Linky Party!!! I have a freebie for you there too! 

Go link up and grab some more freebies!!!



  1. I made the Spring Break linky but I kept waiting for someone else to link up first because I didn't know if i was supposed to link up the actual list or a link to my blog. As you can tell, I'm still figuring this whole "link" stuff out! :-) Needless to say I did MOST Of what was on my to do list. I like your attributes set. Could use that with my kiddos. :-) Wow, did this week go by fast!

    1. Oh, I'm happy to know that someone else out there found it helpful. I actually had someone link up yesterday. :) Next time, just ask me. I probably should have linked up my own as an example. It really doesn't matter though, I see people do it both ways on other link ups. Whatever your preference is! I'm like you though.....I never like to be the firsty! I'm still learning all this stuff too! What I can tell you though that I have learned from my little blogging experience is that if you're linking up a freebie, use that picture to link up because bloggers want to see if your item preview is worth clicking on or something they're interested in & this promotes your item. If you're linking up with something like my spring list linky or say up your blog button to get your name out there, because bloggers don't need to see a preview when they know what your linking up....does this makes sense. Since you like my attribute set and were the only one that actually did participate in my linky, you can have the attribute set for free. Send me your email and I'll send it over!! Enjoy your last two days off!


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