Friday, March 15, 2013


Quite a frightening moment at school today!!! Went into our first ever LOCKDOWN! 

At first, we thought it was a drill, but soon found it was for real! I don't have all the details, but apparently a mother and father were arguing and the father threatened to come to the school and shoot his kids/or either shoot to take his kids and headed to our school with a loaded gun and his car was found abandoned less than a block from the school! 

There are lots of stories going around. Luckily the cops got wind and placed our school in immediate Lockdown. It was scary! We went into lockdown at 2:15 and at 2:50, 25 minutes before normal dismissal, we were instructed to hurriedly begin escorting our students to the buses and within minutes the buses were loaded and leaving! 

Staff remained in a lockdown until around 3:45, when we were told that he was in custody!! When I left school, I saw the abandoned car and police were searching it! Very scary, and yet another wake up call of how easily something like the Connecticut incidence can happen at anyone's school. Even at a little rural school like mine of only 300 students. Since the Connecticut shooting I have kept my classroom doors locked at all times and have had a couple of people insinuate that I was being silly......well today, I was glad my doors were locked and don't feel silly about it one bit. Not to mention, my self-contained classroom is the only classroom located within the office building where visitors enter. You have to walk through the office and by my room to enter the locked campus. You bet my doors are staying locked!!! I am just thankful everyone is safe and that it didn't escalate into something more! Maybe I'll get more details on Monday! 

Now for your Friday Freebie! Now that St. Patty's Day has pretty much come and gone as far as the classroom goes, I made a little counting Easter freebie for you! I don't do too much in my room for Easter, because we are always on Spring Break that week before and always return the day after Easter! But I couldn't resist making something with the cute little "Bunny Numbers" I got at "From the Pond." 

Freebie {here}! If you like the font I used......I made that too, and you can get that from {this} post for FREE too! 

Freebie Fridays

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

And here's the St. Patty's Day project we had just finished up today when the lockdown took place. 

I'm really working on that New Year's resolution of mine to take more pics of my classroom activities. That's class pics two posts in a row!! 

And even though St. Patty's Day may have come and gone in our classrooms, you still have a chance to win my Lucky 7 Giveaway that ends this Sunday on St. Patty's Day!! Lots of goodies from some great bloggers and there will be 7 winners!!! 

Enter {here}! Good luck!


  1. Oh my word! What a frightening thing to happen to you. Glad everything is okay!

    The Littlest Scholars

  2. That is terrifying! I'm glad that everything worked out for you and your students in the end, but I can't image how scary that must have been!

    In other, less horrifying news (maybe), I am your newest follower!

    Mindful Rambles

    1. Thanks Rae!!! Heading over to check out your blog!!


  3. So scary! I'm glad everyone was safe and the police took care of it right away.

    On a lighter note, the leprechauns are adorable! We do a few tear art projects a year and the students love it!

    All the Dots

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the lockdown.

    I love your mosaic leprechauns. They are darling.

    Just found your blog and I love it! I am happy to say I am your newesy follower. Feel free to stop by my place anytime.

    Granny Goes to School

  5. That is scary. I always think about what we would do in a similar situation. I have one student in a wheelchair and there is no way my students would hide in closets and remain quiet. Scary! I like your leprechaun craft. I use a lot of the torn paper crafts as cutting isn't such an easy task in my room. Your finished craft came out so cute!

  6. That's awful. It's good you were prepared and had thought about this ahead of time, so you knew what to do without thinking. I'm glad it turned out alright.

  7. I can share your feelings and yes my door is locked at all time too. My room is closest to the office. We went into lockdown for a threat to the school and it really makes you think about what you are doing to protect the kids. We shelter in our bathroom and I have snacks and quiet activities in case it happens again.
    Thanks for the freebies.

  8. Such a scary day for you! I am thankful everything worked out. It's one of those situations that floats in the back of my mind, especially since Newtown this December.
    Thanks for the freebies
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  9. How frightening! Keeping your door locked is a great idea.


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